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Immo-Expat is a useful tool at your disposal through the discovering and research of your next property in France, selecting for you among the finest property developers, let us show you the real estate programmes meeting your needs but also your desires.

You wish to return to France and to purchase your next new appartment or house ? Compare the most beautiful and contemporary cities competing to obtain your favours. The lack of the old continent authenticity emphasizes the gap in your distance ? Appraise the possibilities among the most appealing regions to get a new foothold. You plan ahead to invest in bricks and mortar ? Assess the solid value of the french estate, according to our technical and legal articles.

Witnesses of the domestic vitality, connected with international extents, follow the directions and the relevance of our articles, in the service of your housing prospects, in agreement with your wishes and your preferences and fondnesses. Discover and rediscover anew the cities and regions whose diversity and richness are the reason for our country's renown. Let us unveil the new face of these metropolis through the modernity of their current and future urban developments and stay aware of the cultural freshness, France's customary ability.

Assisted in the research of your city of tomorrow, make the most of our clear and targeted selection,  in order to guide you through the appartments of the city hearts, innovative fields, peaceful neighbourhoods, or prestigious residences. We distinguish for you between the  modern real estate programmes, from the whole of the responsible property developers, tallying with your schedule, your investment abilities, or your commitment for the environment.

Renewing the connection between the five continents and the french property development, Immo-Expat is an essential port of call to guide your expectations, on the way back to France.


The birth of this material is based on the meeting of two expatriates, Serge Borel and Marie-Pierre Moquet, one living his whole childhood in the senegalese savanna, the other being born in the Côte d'Ivoire bush.

Living in France, but carrying on travels and meetings, they discovered the obvious necessity to forge links between the real estate market in France and the french expatriates in Africa, aiming to invest in their origin country to prepare their potential return or their children's. This is how the Immobilière Franco-Africaine was born in 1984, becoming later Immo-Expat.

With the creation of the company « Les Editions publicitaires Borel », a first information media comes alive : « L'immobilière des Cinq Continents », whose goal is to broadcast worldwide the french property development. A second format appears, dedicatd to the Cannes-Mandelieu, and Saint Tropez la Molle airports.

Whereas the world becomes a much smaller space with the new Internet era, the company keeps up with the progress and creates in 2006 the website The latter becomes the ambassador of the french housing on the five continents, known, and reputed by the expatriates all over the world.

Today, to celebrate their 30 years old, « Les Editions publicitaires Borel » decide to gather together their communication tools into one. Therefore, pursues and renews its aim : be the reference connection between the french property development and the expatriates.



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